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Just started work in the PIL?


When you start working in the PIL there are a whole host of things that you will need to know to get things done; this page is intended to give you a head start.


Where is the lab and how do I get in it? General directions to the lab are provided here. To get into the lab you will need a security key code, which you will have to get by asking Catriona Bruce. The lab is open 24-7 for your use and you are welcome to make the most of it, but please do be considerate of other users, especially when experiments are in progress.


What is the PIL server? As well as the physical space, large parts of the lab are located in digital space, on the PIL server. The server provides you with a secure and backed-up central computing space, and it hosts a range of useful facilities including a lab library of papers and past dissertations, and details of other people's experiments. You can access the PIL server from any computer on campus using your standard university username and password, but first you will need to ask Shona Gunn to be given access rights.


Why are there different testing booths in the lab? Within the lab there are three testing booths that allow the collection of ERPs. The lab also has facilities for preparation of ERP subjects and data processing, along with tea and coffee facilities and space to hang out and talk about your project with other people in the lab. Take a look at our lab layout here.


How do I book the lab testing booths? Anyone using the lab to collect data will need to use the lab calendar to book rooms. To use the calendar you will need a username and password, which you can get by asking Catriona Bruce. Once you are in the calender, please make sure that you have a look at the Notepad area, where you will find further information.


How can I get hold of someone in the lab if I need to contact them? If you check in the lab calendar, under Addresses, you should find details for each lab member, including email addresses and telephone numbers. If you want general help, just ask around in the lab, email everyone using the PIL email list, or if you have a question about ERPs try looking at the discussion board in the CEUK website.